Stefanenko Igor' Vladimirovich

Director of Institute

Doctor of Technical Science

Tel.: +7 (8442) 97-48-72.

Sergei Alekseyevich Matovnikov

Deputy Director

Candidate of Science in Architecture, Professor.

Chair at the Department of Design and Monumental Decorative Art, member of the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation, “Honored Architect of Russia”.

The Scientific Research Activity is devoted to the issues of the development of the system of life-long architectural education, including the problems of early pre-university training in architecture and design. He was one of the organizers of architectural-artistic bias in Volgograd Municipal Educational Institution Gymnasium #4 awarded the diploma of “School of Century” in 2000 and given the Russian Federation President Prize in 2006.

In 2001 he organized youth design-center “Perspective” uniting students of architectural specialities and senior pupils of architectural classes for participation in actual design activity.

In 2004 in Volgograd on S. A. Matovnikov’s initiative and under his supervision XIII International Festival – Contest of the best diploma projects in architecture and design was held where over 360 projects from 57 universities from Russia, CIS countries, Italy, China, Germany were presented.

He has been conducting scientific research and practical architectural activity for more than 25 years. He has published over 30 scientific, scientific-methodological works. Under his supervision over 20 design projects have been carried out, some of them have been implemented. For many years students and diploma students under S. A. Matovnikov’s supervision have been taking part in International Contests of course papers and diploma projects among students and graduating students from Russian architectural universities, where they were repeatedly awarded first grade diplomas and the Union of Russian Architects’ certificates.

S. A. Matovnikov’s services in the area of training of specialists in the urban planning and architectural fields were distinguished with Honorary Certificates and VSUACE Diplomas (2004, 2005, 2007), Letter of Appreciation (2003) and Honorary Certificate (2005) from the Volgograd City Administration, Letter of Appreciation from the Head of the Volgograd Region Administration (2008).

Tel.: +7 (8442) 97-48-72.

Oleg Vasilyevich Burlachenko

Deputy Director for Academic and Educational Process

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor.

Chairperson at the Department of “Technologies of Construction Procedure”. The area of the scientific research interest — enhancement of efficiency and reliability of construction site vehicles basing on the improvement of technology of production and restoration of components and assemblies of construction site vehicles and equipment. He is a member of Dissertation Councils for the degree of Doctor of Science at VSUACE and at VSTU. O.V. Burlachenko is the author of more than 130 published works, including 7 monographs.

Tel: +7 (8442) 97-49-52.

Fax: (8442) 97-48-93.

Alexander Nikolaevich Bogomolov

Deputy Director for Scientific Research

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor.

“Honoured Worker of Science and Education” of RANH (Russian Academy of Natural History), “Honoured Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation”, Chair at the Department of “Hydraulic and Earth Constructions” at Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Main scientific field: “Analysis of stress-strain state, stability, bearing capacity of foundation beds and soil bodies in complicated engineering-geological conditions”.

A. N. Bogomolov is an Academic Councilor of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, an Active Member of Russian Academy of Natural History, Member of International and Russian Societies for Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics, Foundation Engineering (ISSMGFE and RSSMGFE), Member of Presidium and Chairman of Volgograd Regional Branch of RSSMGFE, Member of International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).

He is the author of over 190 scientific works including monographs, five textbooks, a patent for invention. He has trained 10 Candidates of Technical Sciences. He is the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Member of D212.026.04, D212.026.01 and D212.026.02 Dissertation Councils respectively at Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He is the leader of “Analysis of stress-strain state, stability, bearing capacity of foundation beds and soil bodies of complicated cross-section” Scientific Field at VSUACE.

Jointly with Professor V. K. Tsvetkov he has created the scientific school of “Development of theoretical fundamentals of analysis of stability and stress-strain state of soil and mountain bodies”. It includes over 20 members.

A. N. Bogomolov has been awarded the Diploma of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences for the monograph of “Analysis of bearing capacity of constructions’ foundation beds and of stability of soil bodies in elastic-plastic statement”, Honorary Certificate of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education, VSUACE medal of “For Achievements in Science and Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Staff” of III grade, the badge of "The Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation", V. S. Altunin medal of International Academy of Ecology and Nature Management of “For Outstanding Services in Ecology and Nature Management”, V. I. Vernadsky medal of Russian Academy of Natural History of “For achivements in the Development of National Science”, a commemorative medal in connection with 75th anniversary of Scientific-Research Institute of Foundation Beds and Underground Constructions named after N.M. Gersevanov and the diploma of Russian Academy of Natural History of “Zolotaya Kafedra”.

Tel.: +7 (8442) 96-99-54.

Lyudmila Mikhaylovna Dubrovskaya

Deputy Director for General Issues and Safety

L.M. Dubrovskaya graduated from Volgograd Civil Engineering Institute in the speciality of “Urban Construction”, Volgograd Academy of State Service in the speciality of “Finance and Credit”.

She has completed the course of “Management of Product Purchases for State Needs”, “Activity of the Subdivision of State Secret Protection”.

She has a considerable work experience at the administrative positions, in public activity. The class rank of state civil service of RF “1st Class State Civil Service Adviser of the Russian Federation” in accordance with Russian Federation Presidential Edict has been awarded and saved to her.  For irreproachable and efficient civil service and merits in financial economic activity she has been awarded the badge for "Excellent Achievements in Financial Work”.

Tel.: (8442) 96-98-67.