Dear Colleagues!

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering with a great pleasure I would like to invite you to take part in the 2nd International science conference Computer simulation of constructions and structures: tasks and methods (Zolotov Public Readings) which is to be held on April 4, 2013 at the National Research University Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.

Information letter of Conference:

Dear Colleagues!

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Volgograd University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Volgograd Section of the Union of Architects of Russia, the University of Genoa, the University of Florence, Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Italy), Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction (Armenia), have the honour to invite scientists, architects, restorers, engineers, postdoctoral students, postgraduate students, Master’s programme students to participate in the International Scientific-and-Practical Conference “Issues of preservation and continuity of the architectural and urban planning traditions in modern city”, which will take place in the city of Volgograd (Russia) from 01.10.2013 to 03.10.2013.

Objective of the Conference

Familiarization with the world and national experience of the preservation of architectural and urban planning heritage in the conditions of modern urban life. Exchange of information and personal contacts establishment. The main thematic areas of the Conference are suggested to be:

  • issue of preservation and adaptation of historical centres in megalopolises as well as in smaller historical towns;
  • traditions of involving constructions of various typology into the surrounding urban planning context;
  • creation of conservation areas, excursion and tourist zones in the territory of historical city;
  • restoration and reconstruction of monuments of industrial architecture and their reorientation, their role in the urban environment;
  • functioning of monuments of architecture in modern social-and-economic conditions;
  • possibilities of high technologies application in the process of restoration and reconstruction of monuments of architecture;
  • cultural-and-social issues of restoration and reconstruction of objects of architecture.

Section 1. Regional specific features of the preservation of architectural heritage.

  • Cultural-and-social issues of preservation of architectural heritage objects.
  • Issue of preservation of historical urban landscapes.

Section 2. Issues of tourism in historical city.

Section 3. Technical-and-economic aspects of preservation and use of architectural heritage.

Conference Organizing Committee

  • Sergey Yu. Kalashnikov — Chairperson, Rector of VSUACE, Professor, Doctor of Technical Science (Russia).
  • Alexandr N. Bogomolov — Vice-chairperson, Vice-rector responsible for scientific work at VSUACE, Professor, Doctor of Technical Science (Russia).
  • Sergey A. Matovnikov — Vice-rector, Professor, Candidate of Science in Architecture (Russia).
  • Petr P. Oleynikov — Docent, Candidate of Technical Science (Russia).
  • Valentina V. Serebryanaya — Senior secretary, Professor, Candidate of Historical Science, VSUACE (Russia).
  • Alexey V. Antyufeyev — Professor, Candidate of Science in Architecture, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. VSUACE (Russia).
  • Galina A. Ptichnikova — Professor, Doctor of Science in Architecture, Scientific Research Institute of Theory of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (Russia).
  • Vladimir F. Sidorenko — Professor, Doctor of Science in Architecture, Counsellor of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (Russia).
  • Dmitry G. Dontsov — Professor, Doctor of Science in Architecture, VSUACE (Russia).
  • Alexandr. P. Molozhavenko — Architect, Chairperson of Volgograd Section of the Union of Architects of Russia (Russia).
  • Paolo Del Bianco — President of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Italy).
  • Patrizia Falzone — Professor, Ph. D., University of Genoa (Italy).
  • Stefano Bertocci — Professor, Ph. D., University of Florence (Italy).
  • Emma Mandelli — Professor, Ph. D., University of Florence (Italy).
  • Oganes V. Tokmajyan — Rector of Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, Professor, Doctor of Technical Science (Armenia).
  • Vardges Yedoyan — Vice-rector, Docent, Candidate of Technical Science (Armenia).
  • Yury A. Safaryan — Professor, Academician of Architecture, Doctor of Science in Architecture (Armenia).
  • Thomas Flierl — Dr.phil, MdA., Chairperson of the Germann Genzelmann Foundation (Berlin, Germany).
  • Dragan Arandjelovic — Professor, Ph. D., University of Niš (Serbia).
  • Alexandr Kekovic — Professor, Ph. D., University of Niš (Serbia).

Registration Fee

For international participants — 100 €, for Russian participants — 2000 roubles, for post-graduate students — 600 roubles.

Registration Fee includes: participation in the conference; volume of the “Conference Proceedings”; use of technical facilities; coffee-break during the conference; participation in excursions to cultural heritage objects in Volgograd and Volgograd Region.

Scientific papers will be published in the volume of the “Conference Proceedings” in author’s version. The author is responsible for the content of the paper published. The papers should be submitted in electronic form prior to July 1, 2013. The paper’s size is up to 6 pages. Last page of the paper should be a full one.

E-mail for submitting papers:

The authors of papers accepted to publication in the “Conference Proceedings” can present their works as posters. Application deadline for poster presentation — July 1, 2013.


Requirements for Papers

Registration Forms