International activity

International activity of Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering is promoting international activity destined to prepare highly qualified specialists with internationally acknowledged diplomas, to improve the University’s status and enhance its prestige in the Russian and international market of educational services. The stated goals are achieved through extending international relations with foreign institutions of higher education.

Currently there are 25 cooperation agreements with foreign institutions of higher education and organizations such as the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne (“Fachhochschule Köln”, Germany), Michigan State University (USA), the University of Niš (Republic of Serbia), Slovak Technical University in Bratislava (Republic of Slovakia), the University of Florence (Italian Republic), Romualdo del Bianco Foundation (Italian Republic), the University of Genoa (Italian Republic); Koszalin University of Technology (Republic of Poland), Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Republic of Uzbekistan), Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Ukraine), Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Republic of Kazakhstan), International Education Corporation (Republic of Kazakhstan), Caspian State University of Technologies and Engineering named after Sh. Esenov (Republic of Kazakhstan), Belarusian National Technical University (Republic of Belarus), National University of Civil Engineering (Socialist Republic of Vietnam), and so forth

One of the oldest and time-proved partner universities of VSUACE is Cologne University of Applied Sciences. The Russian-German educational programme has been developing for over 20 years. The characteristic feature of the Russian-German project is that it has been giving our students a unique chance to get two diplomas: of Russian and German standard. Currently 30 VSUACE students have realized this opportunity and got two diplomas (at Cologne University of Applied Sciences and VSUACE). However time brings amendments. At present there is a necessity to modernize and adapt the project to new conditions.

Since 1992 the VSUACE has been cooperating with Michigan State University (USA). During these years more than 300 American students have studied at our University within the framework of the Study Abroad Program. In addition, this cooperation also gave VSUACE students and faculty an opportunity to study or to undergo practical training in the USA. Ten students of VSUACE have been awarded Master’s degree at Michigan State University. This cooperation allowed the launching of the Volgograd branch of Michigan section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). VSUACE students regularly take an active part in the Russian Student Paper Competition held by the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Michigan Section, and win prizes. Today due to the restructuring of the education system in Germany and the USA, new ways of cooperation between the partner Universities are being sought for.

Broad cooperation with various institutions of higher education allows increasing mobility of students and professors. VSUACE students can participate in conferences, workshops and familiarization trips abroad, while at VSUASE they can listen to lectures and attend workshops by foreign faculty. In their turn, VSUACE faculty hold master-classes and participate in international conferences abroad.

Students, postgraduate students and faculty of VSUACE actively participate in international scholarship contests for study placements in their field of study.
In 1990 Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering started training foreign students. Since that time students from many countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, India, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Congo, Bangladesh, Palestine, Nepal, Iraq, Syria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mozambique, Lebanon, as well as from Abkhazia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, South Ossetia got Diplomas of higher education here. The contingent among the students admitted to the faculty of pre-university education has also been extended. If in 2013-2014 academic year young people from Nigeria were admitted to the Faculty of Pre-University Education, then in 2014-2015 academic year foreign citizens from Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Afghanistan as well as Republic of Yemen are studying now at the Faculty of Pre-University Education. At present, about 140 international students from 29 countries study at the VSUACE in various forms of study.

In 2005 in order to enhance academic mobility and strengthen competitive abilities of alumni in the labour market of highly qualified specialists, the VSUACE was one of the first universities in Russia and the first one in Volgograd which gave our students an opportunity to get European Diploma Supplement. VSUACE graduates have received 181 European Diploma Supplements.

For many years the VSUACE has also been taking part in multinational Tempus projects financed by the European Union. One application in LLP Erasmus within the framework of the consortium headed by a Spanish coordinator-university and three new Tempus project applications were prepared for the VSUACE in 2013. The VSUACE has got the financing for the LLP Erasmus OIKOnet project from the European Union.