The mission of the journal

The mission of the journal is to provide active and effective communication within the scientific and professional community, exchange the results of research in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction of teachers, postgraduates and doctoral students of VSTU and other universities in Russia, near and far abroad, as well as specialists of design and construction organizations of the Lower Volga region and other regions of Russia.

The aims of the journal

  • coverage of the problems of architecture, urban planning, construction, urban management, human life safety in the urban environment;
  • drawing attention to the most relevant, perspective and interesting directions of building science and practice, theory and history of urban planning and architecture.

The objectives of the journal

  • providing scientists of VSTU, their colleagues in Russia and abroad with pages for the presentation of research results that can be used for the development of architecture and construction;
  • maintaining high scientific standards by involving leading scientists from Russia and abroad in the examination of articles submitted to the editorial Board;
  • enriching science with new research, regardless of geographical and institutional framework;
  • support of researchers in the improvement of their publications;
  • development of the journal by type of scientific publication "open access" (Open access);
  • expanding the presence of the journal in international databases and open electronic resources;
  • increasing the accessibility of the journal for foreign readers-publication of articles in English, creation of an expanded presentation of the essence of the study in English for the most interesting articles (Abstract) and duplication of references in English (References).

Editorial policy of the journal

The editorial Board is responsible for making a decision on publication, ensuring the validity of its decision by involving the articles submitted to the editorial Board by leading scientists of  VSTU and external experts as reviewers.

The basis of the decision on the publication are the reliability, scientific significance and relevance of the work.

The policy of the editorial Board of the Journal is based on modern legal requirements in respect of copyright, legality and plagiarism and slander, set out in the Russian legislation and the recommendations of international organizations on the ethics of scientific publications, and ethical principles supported by the community of leading publishers of scientific periodicals.