Dissertation councils

The Head of Technical Secretariat of Dissertation Councils – Shkoda Galina Germanovna, Candidate of Technical Science, Docent.

Tel.: +7 (8442) 96-99-91.

Code of Council

List of Scientific Specialities for the Defence

Chairperson of the Council

D 212.026.01

05.23.03 - Heat Supply, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Gas Supply and Lighting  (Technical Sciences)

05.23.17 – Structural Mechanics  (Technical Sciences)

05.26.03 – Industrial and Fire Safety (Construction) (Technical Sciences)

05.23.05 – Construction Materials and Articles 

Kalashnikov Sergey Yuryevich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

D 212.026.04

05.23.11 – Design and Construction of Highways, Underground Railways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels  (Technical Sciences)

Bogomolov Alexander Nikolayevich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

DM 212.026.02

25.00.08 - Engineering Geology, Permafrost Study  and Soil Science (Geology and Mineralogy Sciences)

05.26.01 –Labor Protection (Construction)

Sinyakov Vladimir Nikolayevich, Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor

DM 212.026.05

05.23.04 - Water Supply, Sewerage, Construction Systems for Protection of Water Resources

Azarov Valery Nikolayevich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor