VSUACE educational programmes for the academic year of 2013-2014

Bachelor’s degree programmes:

Code and name of Field of Study

Profile of Study

080100.62 Economics

- Economics of Enterprises and Organizations

080200.62 Management

- Project Management

- Industrial Management

140100.62 Thermal Engineering and Heat Engineering

- Energy Supply of Enterprises

150400.62 Metallurgy

- Powder Metallurgy, Composite Materials, Coatings

151000.62 Technological Machinery and Equipment

- Marine Oil-and-Gas Constructions

190700.62 Technology of Transport Processes

- Traffic Organization and Safety

221700.62 Standardization and Metrology

- Metrology, Standardization and Certification

230400.62 Information Systems and Technologies

- Information Systems and Technologies

270100.62 Architecture

- Urban Design

- Architectural Design of Residential and Public Buildings

- Architectural-and-Structural Design of Buildings

270300.62 Architectural Medium Design

- Interior Design

- Urban Medium Design

270800.62 Civil Engineering

- Industrial and Civil Construction

- Hydraulic Engineering

- Municipal Construction and Economy

- Production of Construction Materials, Articles and Structures

- Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation

- Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment

- Mechanization and Automatization of Construction

- Expertise and Real Estate Management

- Highway Bridges and Tunnels

- Highways

280700.62 Technosphere Safety

- Life Safety in Technosphere

- Safety of Technological Processes and Production

- Rescue Engineering

- Fire Safety (part-time study only)

- Environmental Protection

- Engineering Protection of Environment

Master’s degree programmes:

Code and name of Field of Study

Educational Programme/ Profile of Study

080100.68 Economics

- Economics of Enterprises and Organizations

080200.68 Management

- Project Management

- Industrial Management

270800.68 Civil Engineering

- Theory and Design of Buildings and Constructions

- Theory and Practice of Managerial-and-Technological, and Economic Solutions in Construction

- Waste Water Treatment and Purification

- Forensic Construction-and-Technological Analysis and Appraisal of Real Estate Objects

- Highway Design, Construction and Maintenance

271000.68 Urban Planning

- Design and Investigation of Urban Ecological Systems

280700.68 Technosphere Safety

Profile: Environmental Protection

Specialist’s degree programmes:

Code and name of Speciality

Educational Programme / Specialization

071004.65 Monumental-and-Decorative Art

Educational Programme:Painter of Monumental-and-Decorative Art (Painting)

190109.65 Surface Transport and Construction Equipment

Educational Programme:Lifting-and-Carrying, Construction and Road Machinery and Equipment

271101.65 Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures

Specialization:Construction of High-Rise and Long-Span Buildings and Structures

280705.65 Fire Safety

Educational Programme: Fire Safety